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Can I use Wiliot IoT Pixels without the cloud service?

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  • Malte Sanders

    Hi Jessie Hazelrigg,

    that is very sad. For a lot of businesses this is a no go. Just an example, coming from an aviation background. We do not have 24/7 internet connectivity and thus a cloud based solution is not viable.

    I guess a lot of industrial partners would not work with a cloud based solution due to availability, security and privacy concerns.

    Do you think things might change in the future. I wont believe it is not technically possible. I was about to order a kit, but not having full control over the data and the need for internet connectivity is a no go for us.

    Best regards, Malte

  • Jessie Hazelrigg

    Hi Malte Sanders,

    Releasing a postage-stamp-sized asset tracker on the market requires the broadcasts to be encrypted in order to responsibly manage the issues of privacy and confidentiality.  In order to be able to manage decryption and management of data ownership a cloud system is required.


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