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What is included in the Starter Kit?

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    Zach Lowman

    Hi Murray Macdonald,

    We appreciate the posting!

    Bridges are necessary for IoT Pixel energizing, whereas the mobile phone is used as the "gateway" to receive Wiliot packets and send them to the cloud.

    A more detailed description of the solution architecture and each piece within it can be found in the Wiliot Academy.

  • Darrell Boito

    Do any of the sample pixels have the sensor or gpio pin available and accessible?

  • Zach Lowman

    Hi Darrell Boito,

    Thank you for posting! The GPIO pins are not accessible on the Single-band and Dual-band IoT Pixels included in the Starter Kit.

  • Murray Macdonald

    Do you need a bridge for the pixels to work? Could we communicate with the pixel from a mobile phone for example? 

  • Alec Spier

    Are the 'cardboard samples' detachable from the cardboard? Can I put them onto another object at will?

  • Zach Lowman

    Hi Alec Spier,

    The Wiliot IoT Pixels are adhered to the cardboard sample to ensure the tags are positioned in the optimal orientation and on an optimal material. We recommend positioning the cardboard on top of any object you wish to observe for optimal performance.

  • Karsten Koenigstein

    Is there any video material demonstrating the capabilities of the starter kit?

  • Connie Wu

    Hi Karsten,

    Yes, you can watch videos of how to use the Starter Kit at 


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