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Where are the Starter Kits available?

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  • Mohand BELMELLAT

    Hello, Can we use address in Canada ?

  • Connie Wu

    Hello Mohand,

    Currently, we're only shipping to US addresses. We're aiming to start allowing orders in Canada in the next few months. 

  • David Botes

    What is the reason for only shipping to US, Canada and Europe? Will the tags work in other countries?  

  • Connie Wu

    Hi David,

    The addition of new shipping regions are prioritized based on projected customer demand. The devices will certainly work in additional regions, we just aren't yet able to ship to them directly. 

  • John Korb

    Hi Zach,

    Where can I buy a starter kit, I am from South Africa.

  • Connie Wu

    Hi John, unfortunately at this time we are unable to ship kits directly to South Africa, but if you have a valid shipping address in the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, or Australia, then please place your order using that address so we can get you your kit as soon as possible. We don't yet have a timeline for opening kit shipping to South Africa

  • Simon Lim

    How can we order to ship to Singapore?


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