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Gateway and Bridges - Energising



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    Mathieu Hoffmann

    Hi Developer,

    In general performance/range is a direct factor of radio energy and transmit power (not all devices are created equal at the hardware level). In addition, Wiliot compliant bridges are controllable from the cloud, for instance to remotely update their firmware or configure certain features. Many more devices will be enabled in the coming months and years - stay tuned!

    More information about bridge operations can be found here.

    Thank you

  • Prasaanth Balakrishnan


    I am happy to help you with this query!

    May I know the model of gateway and bridge you are comparing here so that I can give you a better idea of their operating Output power?

    Thank you!

  • Tony Raftis

    Not specific, I was told that in general terms a bridge will energise a Wiliot pixel better than a gateway. for example, a Fanstel gateway will not energise a pixel as well as a fanstel or energous bridge. if this is correct, my question is why?


    Thank You



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