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IoT Pixel Indepth view



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    Mathieu Hoffmann

    Hi Rajeev,

    Thank you for the good questions.

    1. The current generation tags exist in different versions: single and dual band tags. Single band tags see a range of 2.5m, dual band tag (with a sub gigahertz energy source) can get to a range of 10m+. You can find more information in the technical resource area of the knowledge base (you need to be logged in to access it). Depending on the use case specifics, different architecture may be considered (for instance to equip forklifts carrying products with a bridge)

    2. IoT pixels sensing is performed in the cloud (a novel approach to sensing). While today Wiliot can provide temperature, many other capabilities are under development and will be released throughout the cloud platform over time.

    3. We do indeed want to enable a broad ecosystem of compatible devices and are defining the roadmap for broad enablement at this time.

    Thank you


  • Rajeev Piyare

    Thanks, Mathieu Hoffmann, for the feedback.


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