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Claiming IoT Pixels / Cup on different account


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    Mathieu Hoffmann

    Hi Luc,

    Thank you for the great questions.

    1 and 1.5 - each company should in general have one account (although in some cases, large enterprise customers create multiple accounts for various reasons). Within your account, you can add users following these instructions. All users within an account should see the tags owned by that account. For privacy and security reasons, only a pixel owner can see his pixel data. Pixel owner can decide to send the data to various parties using an application, add users to their account, or transfer pixels to a new owner (the transfer capability is in evaluation at the moment, especially the associated permissions since this could be error-prone)
    2. please review this article to add tags and labels to an application. If you encounter an issue, it is possible that you have identified a corner case or a bug, in which case you can submit a support ticket (please add details so our support team can help you quickly). Please keep in mind however, that the starter kit is tailored at early evaluation only and that the cup example has been implemented without the capabilities to de-associate/re-associate in mind.
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    Thank you

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