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Missing Tag Data



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    Mathieu Hoffmann

    Hi Developer,

    It is great to see you are trying different configurations, the best way to learn how the technology works!

    I am not entirely clear on what you are trying to do and how, but it seems like you are aiming to better understand how the Wiliot cloud processes pixel data and generate insights from them. This article provides a good overview of the cloud architecture, while this article explains the various sensing events and what to expect in terms of event generation frequency.

    Another thought, is that what you see could also be impacted by your gateway pacing configuration (although less likely from what you describe - it may be worth validating you are running the latest firmware anyway to ensure you are current, see release notes). 

    Thank you 


    PS - do feel free to file a support ticket if you encounter any specific issues


  • Tony Raftis

    Can’t see tags data in endpoint

    I will try to explain the issue  with more precision, because it’s important for us to understand it. Normally we are using our own proprietary GW to send the data to Wiliot Cloud, and it works. But for this issue we used the Wiliot App in a smartphone as the GW, to reduce source of errors. When using the 9 tags from the Starter Kit, in the Wiliot Smartphone App we could visualize all of them, even with the decoded data (temperature in this case):




    However, when we go to our endpoint, we can only see data from 1 of the 9 tags. This tag is always the same, which ID is (21)0055T0538. Furthermore, we can visualize in Wiliot Management Platform that no events are being generated, but they should. In the image below you can see what I mean. This peak of generated events corresponds to the time we added the tag (21)0055T0538 to the experiment, and then we removed it again.




    What is making this event even more confusing for us is that we can see the temperature data in our Wiliot Smartphone App! So that means that the data was sent to Wiliot Cloud and decrypted, but for any reason, the events that should be sent to our endpoint are not generated. Well, it is generated, but only for this unique tag.


    We have checked that all the tags are associated to our application.


    This same behaviour is happening when we use our proprietary GW to send the data to Wiliot Cloud. Can you help us to understand it?



  • Mathieu Hoffmann

    Hello Developer,

    This is not the behavior we expect, so I am opening a ticket for you so we can follow up further.

    Thank you



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