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Gateway goes offline



  • Nick Matthews


    The current Wiliot Mobile App does not require using the ESP SoftAP Prov app, my first recommendation would be to download current version of the app.   Attempt to provision and if needed use the pin hole on the bottom of your gateway to reset your GW device back to its factory setting. 

    If that still does not work please submit a ticket at, if possible please provide the gateway firmware version.  This can be found in the Wiliot Management Portal, and if your gateways were responding and worked with your account then you should be able to see the last configuration of the gateway and if possible please provide a screen shot.   

    Please reference this link for how to access your gateway configuration settings in the management portal:

    Hope this helps! 

  • Arunkumar Asthagiri

    Hi Nick,


    I used the app to Provision and check if the 2 x Gws come online. With both Gws, the Provisioning using the app is failing as in the case of ESP SoftAP Prov app. The screenshots from the Wiliot app are attached. 

    Out of the blue, my 1st Gw (DAE444) came online and I received Pixel data thru that Gw, but then it went offline. I did not have that luck with my 2nd Gw (DAE500) which remains offline (also, Provisioning is failing). 

    I have attached screenshots of Gw settings.


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