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Collecting Data In the Library


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    Connie Wu

    Hi Arc,

    For more details on azimuth, please refer to our Orientation Guide. You can also learn more about our Pixels by taking our Wiliot 101 course.

    For cost of our Battery-free Pixels, you can find that info along with additional info on the Battery-free Pixel in our support articles. The Pixel price is determined by our tag conversion partners, who assemble inlays with the Wiliot chip and convert them into the finished IoT Pixel. For full deployments, IoT Pixels are purchased directly from these partners and are comparable to UHF RFID tags in price, albeit at a premium at lower volumes. Today, Wiliot IoT Pixels are significantly less than a dollar, with line of sight on sub-$0.10 tags in volume with the arrival of our V3 chip next year.

    For your second question, our Sales team can assist you with that, but they will need to collect more details about your use case so they can recommend the best solution. Please fill out the form on our Contact Us page and someone from our Sales team will reach out to you.

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