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Got My Starter Kit!
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Kits not available in your region? Featured
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Starter Kit - See tags in iPhone app. Claim option is not visible/available
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Q&A with Steve Statler on
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Wiliot & Blyott: SPITS Oosterwolde Smart Closet
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Data Ownership, Privacy and Collaboration
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Is the IoT Pixel waterproof? Pinned
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Does it matter which bridge I use with my Wiliot IoT Pixels? Pinned
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Can I use my own Bluetooth device with my Wiliot IoT Pixels? Pinned
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Tag is pasted inside the cloth Answered
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Gateway SDK Answered
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Williot Pixel Sensors Without Williot Cloud Answered
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Where are the Starter Kits available? Pinned Featured
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Pixel Range Expectations
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Association of tags
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Asset "Coffee Mug" NOT showing up in app
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How do disassociate a pixel so as to stop receiving events for it
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BLE Payload - Pixel identifier
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Accuracy of Williot Pixels in Localization
0 votes 1 comment Gateway
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Innovation Kit FAQ
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The NEW Two Factor Authentication
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IoT Pixel Raw Data Batch Processing
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Can the battery free IoT Pixel used as an simple iBeacon Alternative?
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2 Android Smart PDAs: Different Wiliot App Screen With The Starter Kit
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Difficulties with pixel on plastic
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Outlier in temperature measurement
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Unable to find find Pixels
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Cloud and bridge device
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Communication between bridge and gateway
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