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Where are the Starter Kits available? Pinned Featured
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What is included in the Starter Kit? Pinned Featured
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What range should I expect from the cup and the IoT Pixels on the cardboard samples? Pinned Featured
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How can I get a refund? Pinned Featured
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When can I expect to receive the Starter Kit I ordered? Pinned Featured
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What is the Wiliot Academy? Pinned Featured
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Purchasing without account
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About Schematics
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Mr A.Mansano
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Wiliot IoT Pixel prices
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Invoice for partner kit order
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Download Receipts and Order History
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Buy extra Bridge's and Pixel's
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Kits not available in your region? Featured
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When will kits be available to Australia?
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Pixel and Cloud commercial release pricing
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Import Duty UK Customs
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Got My Starter Kit!
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